Our Team – loudstorms


Justin Carrothers

Our Owner and Operations manager, Justin Carrothers, has faced plenty of adversity throughout his life. That being said, after hitting rock bottom he was able to bounce back and learn the true meaning of resilience. Since then, Justin has become extremely inspired to grow as an individual and to be his best self. Justin’s day to day routine is what he gives credit to for his rapid internal growth and professional abilities. These routines have become very extensive and are based on his research of the success habits of executives, athletes, navy seals, and more. Further developing loudstorms into a catalyst for its clients and subsidiaries has become Justin’s mission.

Greg Langford

Greg is our Marketing and Account Manager. He handles all marketing strategy, implementation, and account management for our clients. He has obtained his degree in digital marketing from Fanshawe College and has a love for learning. Greg continues to study marketing in his spare time, but has also developed a love for cooking. However, his greatest passion lies with social media marketing as it’s what he enjoys the most.

Liam Martyn

Liam Martyn is our Director of Marketing and Sales. He ran a College Pro Franchise between 2016 – 2018 and provided window-cleaning services to more than 400 customers in his hometown, London, which took thousands of door-to-door interactions to acquire. In 2018 he began his own online business that operates exclusively by using digital marketing. Liam is now in his fourth year at Western University taking Leadership, which is both a strong skill and passion for him.

Shane Alderdice

Shane Alderdice is our Chief of Production here at loudstorms. He started doing live sound in 2006 and begun to learn lighting in 2008. Later transitioning into broadcast television during 2010, working in local television. In 2013 Shane took an opportunity to start working in the Toronto indie film industry. After building a small name for himself there Shane moved to London to study broadcast television and film production at Fanshawe College in 2017.

Chase Baillargeon

Chase Baillargeon is the Creative Director at loudstorms. He became a volunteer at YourTV in Windsor at the beginning of 2012 and started to learn the art of broadcasting. After graduating Essex District High School in 2017 he moved to London to attend Fanshawe College for the Broadcasting Television & Film Production program. Chase has a key eye for detail and loves to apply that aspect into all of his work.

Josh Hoffer

Audio Engineer

Liam Spragg Monk

Social Media Manager